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Written Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us

"Several years ago, some friends and I attempted to incorporate a non-profit business. The three of us worked exhaustively for two years on it. We never got off the ground as the process was so daunting. Not only did the time consuming task require great attention to detail, it required a knowledge of bureaucratic expectations that no amount of research could give us. The incorporation business filings and applications were NOT our area of expertise. Then on October 21, 2016, I contracted with BizCentral USA to incorporate a new small business charity for me. After giving them my credit card number over the phone, I immediately started receiving emails and phone calls from employees who were in high gear and ready to move on my behalf. All that was required of me was to answer a simple questionnaire about my business goals and desired structure. BizCentral USA had prepared all the necessary documents to incorporate my new charity business for under $500 (government fees not included) and on December 1, 2016 (exactly 6 weeks) I received 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt status. I am sure the process could have been completed in just four weeks had BizCentral not needed to chase me for two weeks looking for my business information. After my first experience years earlier, I decided to hire experts to deal with the government for me so I could focus on my areas of expertise. BizCentral USA truly were experts. Not only were they straightforward and upfront about their fees, they even explained (to the penny) what fees I would need to pay the government for applications and filings. Worth every penny! Thanks, Biz Central! "
Review by: Norm Lloyd
"Today my company was WBE certified from New York State thanks to Bizcentral! They are easy to work with, help in any way they can, and made this process much less painful then it would have been alone. Worth every dollar spent and they were the cheapest! Would recommend to anyone."
Review by: Graci Paving Associates
"Simple and affordable. Our organization will continue to use them for our fundraising and other business needs."
Review by: Jeremiah Van Wagner
"Charity Nets customer service was so fast and professional. I was helped by Brenda Jimenez and she was amazing! She deserves a promotion for her exceptional customer service! I am pleased with this service."
Review by: Ahayah Purpose
"Good afternoon friends, Dez and I have been fortunate enough to start the process of starting a non-profit organization to help some of the less fortunate in our community. You will seed much more on that later but as you may know the process for such a venture can be a daunting one with writing bylaws, sending documents to the Secretary of State, the IRS to name a few. It was seemingly a never ending barrage of finding the correct paperwork, the right addresses for the agencies, the laws governing our organization and its board of directors, etc. We contracted a company called BizCentral/Charity Net USA for help with the process. They will do it all for you for a very reasonable fee. They cut down the time spent on the legality and the tedious process of paperwork so we could focus on our company. They have done in a few short weeks what would have taken me as many months. Their help has been such an enormous blessing. Thank you Charity net for taking care of the red tape and allowing us get down to the business at hand. GOD’S WORK!"
Review by: Des R.
"In the business arena i,am always inter acting and listing to professional individualsr.Rare talents are so seldom unappreciated.My experience with Ms. Brenda Jaminez has been simply aswome.Her listing. Ability,Attention to details, and verbal adherence to direction is truly remarkable. Customer service is not just actions and skills but attitude in serving others. Wishing you the best"
Review by: Dr. Barry Williams
"Fantastic group! I was fortunate enough to have Brenda Jimenez assigned. She helped me every step of the way and was so sweet and caring. Thank you very much Brenda! Also, the website looked good. Thank you, Angel! And thank you Leslie for taking care of all my paperwork :)"
Review by: Roxy Astrid
"These are the greatest people that I have every had the pleasure of dealing with. Kristin is just one of the people that your able to trust 110% because she is"
Review by: Todd O
"I contacted BizCentral about helping process a 501c3 application. From the very start, staff were attentive and supportive, without being pushy or annoying. I received prompt responses to all my inquiries, and the instructions/materials for applying were clear and easy-to-follow. I would recommend their services!"
Review by: Summer Lewis
"I am happy to write a 5-Star review for Jeff McDade and the nonprofit team. Jeff went out of his way to ensure everything was going well. He periodically checked in with to make sure I was pleased with the service I was receiving. He stayed with me through each step and was a true professional. I really felt I was in the best hands. Thank you Jeff for taking great care of business from start to finish."
Review by: Linda Atteo
"My experience with BizCentralUSA was great! I had them to do the paper work for 501 ( c ) 3, non-profit status back in 2012. I mailed the information to the IRS with the payment, and received my approved 501 ( c ) 3, in less than 30 days. In addition, I had them to do grant writing services for me for 10 foundations, and within 12 months’ time I received my first grant for $10,000; and the following year I received another grant for $15,000.00. The monies received was well worth the service fee to have grants completed. I have recommended other small businesses to BizCentralUSA and they have all had favorable experiences as well. My experiences were great with BIZCentralUSA! J. Carelock"
Review by: Joyce Carelock
"BizCentral USA is a very customer friendly company. The agent Jeff McDade goes above and beyond to make sure to answer all the questions is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Our nonprofit paperwork was filed in a timely manner and all correspondence has been very efficient. I am looking forward to working with you to get our non-profit organization off the ground."
Review by: Nataly Kuznetsov
"I have to write this review as the staff here goes above and beyond to answer all questions in details until you fully understand. As a newly formed 501(c)3 public charity the financial responsibility of filing is a very complicated and intimidating process for any newly formed not for profit business entity. But rest assured the affordability of their services goes above and beyond what any CPA will charge thousands of dollars to complete the same job! I paid over upwards of $10,000 to form my 501(c)3 and had I discovered BizCentralUSA I know they would have saved me thousands for completing that same process as well. Bottomline, the staff here are heaven sent in what felt like an eternity to figure out on my own! You will NOT be disappointed by choosing BizCentral USA or any of its subsidiary's"
Review by: Tina Brown~Ruggiero
"Mr. Angel Noa always completed our requests within the same business day (each time) regardless of the fact that we took extra time to complete our website. He is always pleasant and patient no matter how much we called or had questions. We are very proud of his hard work and dedication to make sure we present the best website possible!!! He's always calm and very professional. A rare find in today's society; especially dealing with customer/consumer care. He is dedicated to his work and expertise and does a wonderful job educating those who do not understand web development!!!!!"
We are definitely very grateful, pleased, and satisfied!!! Thank you BizCentral!!! Grown.FOlks.Business, Inc.