Website Development Tips That Generate Donations!

Website development that fosters new donors

WebsitesDid you always dream about starting your own nonprofit organization and making it successful?  Here at CharityNet USA, we know what a huge step you’ve made by making your dream a reality.  We get it, starting your own nonprofits is difficult, full of sleepless nights thinking about finding new donors and growing.

To help with business marketing ideas and donor initiatives we have developed website development tips that can help you make your websites more effective.

Tip #1 Have a Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page has a place where prospects insert their name, phone number and email addresses for the organization to use. Typically a lead capture form would be a request made by the client for more information, such as, a pamphlet of the foundation, a call for more information about the cause, or weekly newsletters. The point of the lead capture is to have leads to pass on to your foundation.  More leads equal more donations!

Tip # 2 Build Trust by Testimonials

Internet marketing has helped many nonprofits reach a much larger audience However, it is crucial to build trust on the internet. The outcome of your website development represents the organization. A testimonial page with comments of previous donors will help convince others to trust you. Testimonials can be written however video or testimonials with pictures or posts on public sites tend to have more credibility than just a note on your website. This will ensure potential donors that you indeed are serving a greater cause.

Tip #3 Referral Program

A Referral Program on your website will allow your audience to spread the news about your charitable cause. Most people will not think twice about speaking truthfully of your charity to their friends and family. As an organization it is important to you to turn one donor into multiple donors, and by promoting your referral program on your web you are not only getting more donations but also building a relationship with your donors. Referrals are always better than advertising!

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