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Nonprofit web design with marketing in mind

Nonprofit Web DesignA crucial component of a nonprofit organizations’ plan for success is the development of a website. When starting a nonprofit, most are oblivious to the 191 million consumers now online and the potential there is to share their vision with the masses. Truthfully, if you are promoting a cause without advertising and promotion in the midst of thousands of other nonprofits it is likely you will find yourself and your business quickly falling behind. Regardless of interest, many individuals utilize the internet to attain the nonprofits’ initiatives – mission, efforts and priorities – prior to involvement. Accordingly, your site may be the first – and last –chance you have at making a good impression on a potential consumer.

For most nonprofits, website design is considered a basic requirement of a marketing plan. Having a website can help you achieve the following:

  •  Help consumers find you in the offline world – your community events, your office location, your contact information.
  •  Help persuade individuals that you are a viable nonprofit that they would be eager to assist.
  •  Establishing a trusting relationship with your target audience.

In comparison to traditional advertising mediums, web promotion and marketing has a circulation and reach that is unique as well as highly effective. Moreover, web marketing can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of other advertising avenues (e.g., print and broadcast media). Reaching a high-level of marketing for your website is not a simple, one-time or overnight task. A nonprofits’ website has to be continually promoted and assessed, kept fresh and up-to-date to encourage visitors to return on a regular basis. Not only should your site be ascetically dynamic, it should be optimized well within leading search engines.

Items to consider in developing a website can be as simple as content development, or as complex as search engine optimization. However, incorporating items such as your nonprofits’ Annual Plan, philanthropic photographs, partnerships, and records (e.g., 990, GuideStar statistics) will assist in developing a valued relationship with your target audience and supporters.

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