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Joyce Carelock

My experience with BizCentralUSA was great! I had them to do the paper work for 501 ( c ) 3, non-profit status back in 2012. I mailed the information to the IRS with the payment, and received my approved 501 ( c ) 3, in less than 30 days. In addition, I had them to do grant writing services for me for 10 foundations, and within 12 months’ time I received my first grant for $10,000; and the following year I received another grant for $15,000.00. The monies received was well worth the service fee to have grants completed. I have recommended other small businesses to BizCentralUSA and they have all had favorable experiences as well. My experiences were great with BIZCentralUSA!
J. Carelock

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Shannon Knight

THEY ARE AWESOME AND HELPED ME SO MUCH WITH ANGELS FOR SHANNON!!!! They inspired me when I tried to do everything alone while fighting stage 4 breast cancer.

If anyone wants to try and do a nonprofit set up on their own without any experience, good luck! You go for it, but you'd better read up on everything to understand. Your time is money and it is valuable. Learning as you go is a lot of money and mistakes.

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Dee Corely

We signed up with CharityNet USA on November 16, 2017. It is now December 7th, and we are now submitting our forms in the final step. Hector was impeccable in his work, and communicated back and forth with me and implemented any revisions I requested, usually within that day or the next morning. There wasn't a hitch at any point in the process. We are very pleased and highly recommend CharityNet USA for documentation to start a non-profit! Thank you to the entire team!! Clear Choices Healing Center

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Todd Olshefski

Kristin and the whole team at BizCentral are really great. We have nothing but great things to say about them all. They are honest, and tell you what is the best way to do something and they all try to help you the best way they are able to do so. They are on top of there job and they are all really great at doing it.

Thank you,

Todd Olshefski
Veterans Christian Network

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Summer Lewis

I contacted BizCentral about helping process a 501c3 application. From the very start, staff were attentive and supportive, without being pushy or annoying. I received prompt responses to all my inquiries, and the instructions/materials for applying were clear and easy-to-follow. I would recommend their services!

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Melissa Tureaud

I highly recommend BizCentral USA! I wanted to turn my Free Prom Dress Program into a not for profit but feared the 501c3 paperwork. We originally said Legal Zoom to start the process which was a disastrous waste of 3 months that resulted in a refund! I thankfully found BizCentral! Their prices were so much cheaper and they were so friendly. I was told a 501c3 approval could take 6-9 months, but I got my approval back in less than 30 days!

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Nataly Kuznetsov

BizCentral USA is a very customer friendly company. The agent Jeff McDade goes above and beyond to make sure to answer all the questions is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Our nonprofit paperwork was filed in a timely manner and all correspondence has been very efficient. I am looking forward to working with you to get our non-profit organization off the ground.

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Steve Surprenant

From the moment I called for consultation to the end of the project, they were outstanding in their relationship with me. Their communication by phone and email was simply spectacular in professionalism, competence and clarity. I was thoroughly impressed by the generous amount of time they spent explaining the details and complex process that was involved with my request to become a non-profit organization. More than that, I sensed that they truly cared about my work and were willing to do whatever they could to expedite the process. And to top it off, they were extremely reasonable with their costs, especially when compared to similar companies. In doing business with them, I have no mental reservations at all, and gladly give them my highest ratings.

I am pleased to write a 5 star review to Biz Central. Jeff McDade was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always professional. His prompt response made it to easy to do business with him and the team. They were eager to help and guided me through each step of the process. The results were spectacular and more than I expected. Jeff was always available to help and it made my experience very rewarding. Jeff is a true professional and worked to make sure I had everything I needed.

P.S. Cancer Inc.

I am very pleased with the service from BizCentral USA. I had already laid the foundation for the organization but the mounds of paperwork were beginning to get overwhelming. Elizabeth communicated with me every step of the way, she made this process very easy. I have referred others who are starting a nonprofit to this company as they are very affordable.

Thank you Biz Central USA

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Donations From The Heart Inc.
CEO/Founder Donations From The Heart Inc.

I have been utilizing the services of BizCentral USA for the past seven years. I sincerely don’t know how I would have managed without their assistance. Many of their services I use on a consistent basis, however, the most recent service of grant writing has confirmed my reasons for why I continue to use them. Melanie Swift is truly my right hand. I missed applying for a casino grant the previous year and knew that I wanted to apply for the upcoming 2018 year. I engaged Melanie Swift with what appeared to make my head spin. Melanie took on this task as if this was a piece of cake providing me with comfort, guidance, and knowledge along the way. I felt comfortable trusting Melanie with this work based on her experience in grant writing. After reviewing the final work, I was amazed to see how she compiled what I thought to be a winning grant package. I am excited to say; it was a winner! We received our award letter on July 27, 2017, and we look forward to receiving our funding within the next 45 days. This certainly would not have been possible without Melanie Swift and BizCentral USA. For anyone looking for grant writing services, look no further, BizCentral USA is the place. A true one-stop shop for all your needs. I certainly will have all my grant writing done through BizCentral. Their work is outstanding!!! Thanks, Melanie and BizCentral USA you guys are awesome!

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Catherine Turner

From the initial phone contact with BizCentral, having been referred from BizFilings, all communications has been of the highest professional acumen possible. As a forign national it is quite often a problem to understand the genre and narrative of business and local assumed understandings. With your very professional staff, there was never a problem in understanding the needs and requirements required of me and yourselves in order to process the work.

At every milestone I was more than satisfied with the work provided and my expectations were well exceeded in all aspects. Thank you for your professionalism. The standards you have set and exceeded is a rare commodity in today's business world.

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Kayla D

I'm very happy with this service. Thank you, Maria Caballero, for taking the time to make sure everything was done right

I have to write this review as the staff here goes above and beyond to answer all questions in details until you fully understand. As a newly formed 501(c)3 public charity the financial responsibility of filing is a very complicated and intimidating process for any newly formed not for profit business entity. But rest assured the affordability of their services goes above and beyond what any CPA will charge thousands of dollars to complete the same job! I paid over upwards of $10,000 to form my 501(c)3 and had I discovered BizCentralUSA I know they would have saved me thousands for completing that same process as well.

Bottomline, the staff here are heaven sent in what felt like an eternity to figure out on my own!
You will NOT be disappointed by choosing BizCentral USA or any of its subsidiary's

Jacqueline Woods

This is my first time ever having a website and Ms. Marisol was very helpful. When I did not understand some things she was right on it! l love BizCentral Usa

Ken Driscoll

I don't come across people that need this service often but wen I do, I will with a doubt recommend this company. I was paralyzed as a police detective in Baltimore and suffer chronic pain. I sometimes lose focus, so I had to ask a ton of questions, but Shaun seemed to remain professional and just gave me the answers so that I could complete my paperwork, then advised I should also register as a charity. which makes sense because we are interested in education and remembering our fallen and disabled but we are also setting up a distress fund to help people in trouble. we also want an Officer of the Year program, and maybe one day a scholarship program. So thank him for me, he did a great job nd remained professional throughout.

Kenny Driscoll

Global Head Start Mission

Folks at CharityNet USA were super helpful in getting our organization registered as a Charity and get the 501(c)3 status. They were prompt in responding to emails and helped answer all our queries. Kudos to the team at CharityNet that makes this possible !
Thank you Ron Espinal and Shaun Peterson for helping us through this process.

Charitynet Bea Baylor
Bea Baylor

I want to take this time to say I appreciate you and your staff for the professionalism they presented during the training. I had some down time to reflect back on the training and your commitment to this business really warmed my heart to be a part of your company as an authorized partner. Your staff and you exceeded my expectation of what BizCentral stands for. Efrain thank you for being transparent and authentic about your company. It is certainly a place where I feel comfortable working with you and your awesome staff. I see me being very successful with this business as an authorized agent.

Over $7,000 in Sales and over $1,500 in commission in my first 30 days!

Thank you,

Bea Baylor

Baylor's Business Consulting Firm

Charitynet Tim_Beard
Rev. Timothy R. Beard, President
Unity Network Group, LLC, Danville, Virginia

Our authorized agent training with Efrain Rodriguez and his team at BizCentral afforded our company numerous business solutions to grow our business. We were excited to acquire facts concerning marketing services, non-profit consultations, grant writing, business plan development & certifications, fundraising etc. As Authorized Agents of BizCentral, we are confident that the business solutions provided will help many small businesses succeed.

What we appreciate most about the training with Efrain and his team is their passion to provide quality services for new and existing clients. We are elated about our alliance with BizCentral.

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Mike C. Todd
Founder and Executive Director - Christ Recovery Program of Greenville

We implemented the Corporate Sponsorship program and were very happy with the results. The package they put together was precise and very well laid out. I was able to send this to friends, family, business owners, and companies we do business with. I sent out about 30 or more and managed to get a good response from a few people and companies. We invested a little under $900.00 with print included, and netted a little over $4000 in donations. The key for us was to ask for small amounts and create trust with our donors. Talk with potential donors and let them know you are sending it. This was a great start for our young, and budding Nonprofit.

Charitynet Sheila Bowling
Sheila Bowling
Proclaiming the Word Outreach Ministries Corporation

I am elated. Charity Net USA is the way. They are prompt, efficient, professional, and delivers positive results. Unlike others who cannot produce, my paperwork was approved in a short amount of time. Special thanks to Kristie McDaniel and John Martinez.

Charitynet Jennifer Schneider
Jennifer Schneider

Hi Ron,

I'm reaching out to thank you and the team at CharityNet USA for your help with my non-profit organization. I'm excited to report that Rescued Dog Resource Center is now incorporated in Illinois and recognized as an exempt 501(c)(3) organization. The approval of the Articles of Incorporation took just over two weeks and the approval of the 501(c)(3) took LESS than two weeks!

I am very grateful for the help and support you gave me up-front and I'm very happy that I made the decision to work with CharityNet USA on my filings. I will definitely be recommending you and CharityNet USA to others and look forward to working with you in the future on other filing requirements.

Thank you again!
Jennifer Schneider

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Patrick Hansen

I'm the President of Revitalize WI, Inc and I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of the wonderful work you guys did on our 501(c)3 application. After submitting our application to the IRS, we were approved within 1.5 weeks and the whole process from signing up with you guys to IRS approval took just 6 weeks. I couldn't be happier at how easy and quick the process was. Thank you guys again and I've already referred you guys to two other organizations.

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Shola Johnson


Thanks for a job well done. I have really enjoyed your style, responsiveness, skills and customer service. Mark has been doing a fantastic job as well. You and Mark are very good ambassadors to the company as you have reversed my previous opinion of the company. ...your "package" has changed my mind. Thank you

I will stay in touch


Shola Johnson


Good morning Jarred,

I must confess, I enjoyed reading through your edits. You are a super are awesome.

Thank you.

Charitynet august project
Chelsea Bohannon
The August Project

So far, I have received fantastic service with Biz Central. Joshua Sweeney has been very friendly, efficient, and prompt with the entire process. Thank you!

Charitynet boots 2 heels
Ylonda Dowleyne
Boots 2 Heels, Inc

I was astonished by the work of the staff at BizCentral USA. I had been to other companies trying to get help with filing our nonprofit status with endless results and high price quotes. BizCentral USA made a promise and delivered on time. They have continuously been by our side assisting with all of our needs. I will continue to use them and recommend anyone starting a nonprofit to look at them first.

Boots 2 Heels, Inc

Charitynet vavets
Don Kibler

I want to give high praise to Mark Dobmeier for his work in developing the website which carries the message that we at VAVETS (serving Veterans of Virginia) are intending to get into the marketplace. Mark was involved with us at the inception of the vision of the construction of the website, and stayed with us the whole way through the process to it's successful completion. Not only is the completed website just what we were hoping to arrive at, Mark was super involved and super patient in accommodating all the details & changes along the way to get us to a completed state. Our relationship with CharityNet and Mark Dobmeier in particular is nothing but outstanding, and we would gladly do work with him again. Thanks much!

Charitynet CamAid
Alan Williams

The service agent Maria was very prompt and very professional. She's very sharp and knows her what she's doing. I'm very impressed!

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Sheila Ostly

Great service, quick and knowledgeable. We had the needed documents within just a couple days and the directions for filing were simple to follow.

Charitynet Damon Wallace
Damon Wallace

As I began the process of forming my non-profit company, Claybird Bee Education Association, my first call was directed to Mr. Bob Moffatt. Bob told me about Biz central and how it could help me. When I asked for references, he gave me the contact information for Ms. Patty McCall, P.A.I.N. It was because of her reporting of excellent work on her behalf that I decided to use Biz Central for my 501(c)3.

Ms. Krysti Reif took control of my project and delivered a completed package in very short order. Incorporating in Alabama was a snap. The submission to the IRS was so smooth that I received the letter of acknowledgement in 30 days, with the confirmation letter of 501(c)3 status in just 2 more days!

Thank you Krysti, Bob, and Patty for a job well done. Bob's referral of Patty was the key in my decision to use Biz Central.

Damon Wallace
President - Claybird Bee Education Association, Inc
A 501(c)3 Organization

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Wilbert Ward

Bizcentralusa has been good at establishing a business for me, I just want to thank every one that has help me with project and Kristi Reif team. Thanks to everyone.

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Cleofe Villanueva
Rudy Romano Foundation

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your fast service. It is indeed a pleasure working with you. As we struggle to survive to keep our foundation going, we are getting even more committed to continue to work for a cause that is well deserved, needed and/or necessary. Our work have been noticed by local teachers, government officials and the public themselves. Indeed, like what I said, going there to witness a very bleak situation- seeing people homeless and desperate for anything was beyond comprehension - typhoon Ruby that hit last December was really the biggest devastation ever to hit the Philippines. Villareal being one of the hard hit, was in the center of TV and Radio news. It was a shivering experience that made us feel lucky to have everything here. My husband a US Air Force, and myself a government officer both retired in 2010, vowed to volunteer work and share our very modest retirement pensions- donating our time and effort too to serve the less fortunate and victims of the calamities in Villareal, Samar. We feel fulfilled for what we saw, the good result of our work in Villareal. Your help too to keep our foundation compliant with government regulations, save us from worries while on work there. Believe us when we say; "your help makes you a part of our mission", and for that we appreciate with great thanks and admiration to a fine work!

Cleofe Villanueva, President

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Frank Spano

Thank you for an excellent experience from start to finish! From the initial contact with John Martinez, to scheduling next steps with Karina Stevenson, and pulling all the pieces and parts together with Joshua Sweeney, the CharityNetUSA Team has been supportive, responsive, and highly professional throughout the 501(c)(3) application process. I look forward to continuing the working relationship long into the future, and will not hesitate to recommend your services to colleagues and friends!

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Kelon Dalton
Greater Faith Outreach Corporation

This is a wonderful company and I would refer anybody. Thank you for everything.

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Elly Terry
Teens United Across

Great service and fast. Andrea rocked 🙂

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Reinaldo Chavez
Colosseum Fighthouse Foundation, Inc

Bizcentral has been such a great support in our journey to open our non profit organization. From filing the appropriate forms to helping with our proposal brochures. Thank you Bizcentral for such a great customer service.

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Lisa LaCova-Bhat

Krysti Reif is a great service consultant and did an excellent job with helping me organize my non-profit organization, she helped me with the all the necessary steps to get approved and was always there to answer any of my questions or concerns. She is very efficient, reliable and dedicated. I am very happy and pleased with charitynetusa. I will definitely be using them again for other services in the future. Thank you!

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Ryan Callaghan
Foundation for a Catholic Future

Excellent work by Andrea and the entire team; responsive, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and patient with client learning curves.

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Torrin James
The Freemanson Foundation Inc.

Very impressive! My 501c3 application was done online and I was approved in a week. Appreciate your service and will be doing business with you in the future.

Pastor Dan Evans
Pastor Dan Evans
His Answer!

We started "His Answer!" (To Drugs) January 31, 2014. A few months later..I was Searching the Internet for a Christian Group to help Us Set Up our "501C3".
To be a "Qualified Non Profit Corporation".

I talked with Jarred..originally...then was transferred to Jennifer. As a NEW Ministry ....we were "Limited on Cash" they Graciously allowed us to make 2-3 Payments.
They learned (Quickly) that I was "Un-Techy" and they ALL were very patient with my Limited Skills & Knowledge in this Area.

Jennifer was Very Proficient in the "Process"..She had ALL of the Paperwork Prepared Properly...even with "Places Marked" for me to sign.

Jennifer said it could possibly take until September or even to the end of 2015 to get "Approved"..and the Paperwork Back to Us!
She also said...the IRS might be back to Us...1-2 times to "Verify Information we sent in to Them.'

This Week...February 10, 2015...The APPROVAL LETTER .came in the mail.

My Wife, Pat, wasn't even certain what it came to Promptly!
BEAUTIFUL JOB! CharityNetUSA.....Jennifer, Jarred & All!
God Bless YOU!

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J. Dean Burden
Catalog Enterprises, Inc.

I would highly recommend the work of BizCentral USA, & the very professional way their people respond to the needs of the business seeking guidance and advice.

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John Smith
Church on the Farm

Just a note to say thank you for all the hard work you folks do! From getting our 501c3 to completing our taxes each year you folks are the best! We could not do our ministry without your expert help!

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Sherry Holloway
Londons Place

I had a dream and vision for my business for years but could never transfer it from a vision to reality. I called the numer and spoke with Bob Maufet and he was the Best he encouraged me and every question I had he answered patiently.Then I worked with Maria Caballero and she was also awesome very polite and did every thing in a timely manner I have just sent off the package for the 501 C 3 and I am so excited. Thanks guys
I am now thinking about using more services this company provide:)

Osman Kamara
Osman Kamara
Sierra Leone Missions and Development

Krysti, has done a fantastic job in helping me file for a 501c3 non-profit status for my Organization she also helped me filing for State Inc. Great job and well done Krysti for all you do in making the world a better place.

Yogeshwar Jagdeo
Yogeshwar Jagdeo
Sangeet Samaj

I was looking for a firm to help us start up our Non-Profit Organization & become 501c3 approved. After talking to a few accountants here in New York City, who were asking for more money than we could afford, I stumbled on bizcentralusa. I called them up & eventually started to communicate with my sales agent Ron Espinal. From the initial conversation to the completion of our organization becoming a 501c3 approved Non-Profit Organization. I have received nothing less than the highest form of customer service available. It took us approximately 6 weeks to get incorporated & 501c3 approved for less than half of the processing fee I was quoted before. If you're looking to get your NPO incorporated & 501c3 approved, among other services offered then this is your one stop shop.

nonprofit marketing strategies: relationship marketing -
Karen Arruda
Youth Beyond Diversity

I was two years into my non profit and decided with the growth and demand for youth support I needed to apply for a 501c3 to receive donations and grants. After obtaining the forms and talking to many resources the progress was stalling as I became very overwhelmed. I started searching for assistance. I found BizCentralUSA and was able to schedule a consultation. The process was effortless and it was guaranteed. In less than 6 months my non profit is now registered and 501c3 approved. Thank you BizCentralUSA.

Jack Burkman
DC Attorney

I highly recommend the services of BizCentral USA & the professionalism in which their people responds to all my clients needs. They have served over 125 of my business clients in just one year! More to come! Thank You.