Damon Wallace

As I began the process of forming my non-profit company, Claybird Bee Education Association, my first call was directed to Mr. Bob Moffatt. Bob told me about Biz central and how it could help me. When I asked for references, he gave me the contact information for Ms. Patty McCall, P.A.I.N. It was because of her reporting of excellent work on her behalf that I decided to use Biz Central for my 501(c)3. Ms. Krysti Reif took control of my project and delivered a completed package in very short order. Incorporating in Alabama was a snap. The submission to the IRS was so smooth that I received the letter of acknowledgement in 30 days, with the confirmation letter of 501(c)3 status in just 2 more days! Thank you Krysti, Bob, and Patty for a job well done. Bob's referral of Patty was the key in my decision to use Biz Central. Damon Wallace President - Claybird Bee Education Association, Inc A 501(c)3 Organization