Cleofe Villanueva

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your fast service. It is indeed a pleasure working with you. As we struggle to survive to keep our foundation going, we are getting even more committed to continue to work for a cause that is well deserved, needed and/or necessary. Our work have been noticed by local teachers, government officials and the public themselves. Indeed, like what I said, going there to witness a very bleak situation- seeing people homeless and desperate for anything was beyond comprehension - typhoon Ruby that hit last December was really the biggest devastation ever to hit the Philippines. Villareal being one of the hard hit, was in the center of TV and Radio news. It was a shivering experience that made us feel lucky to have everything here. My husband a US Air Force, and myself a government officer both retired in 2010, vowed to volunteer work and share our very modest retirement pensions- donating our time and effort too to serve the less fortunate and victims of the calamities in Villareal, Samar. We feel fulfilled for what we saw, the good result of our work in Villareal. Your help too to keep our foundation compliant with government regulations, save us from worries while on work there. Believe us when we say; "your help makes you a part of our mission", and for that we appreciate with great thanks and admiration to a fine work!

Cleofe Villanueva, President