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Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers
Grant Writer

As a Grant Writer for CharityNet USA, I am responsible for researching, writing, and coordinating the grant application process. Ensuring that we write and deliver coherent, organized, and compelling proposals. Jennifer applies her knowledge of writing and fundraising methods to help organizations reach their goals through grant proposals.

What motivates Jennifer to help Nonprofit Organizations?

Nonprofit organizations are critical members of a healthy functioning society. They are essential players in their communities and directly impact and change people’s lives in very positive ways. Those who are drawn to creating them see a need in society that becomes an opportunity. Once you know the possibility exists, you can’t stop seeing it and need a strong team around you who also believes in it. Jennifer enjoys being part of the team.

Nonprofit Work:

Jennifer has worked for nonprofit organizations as a consultant, educator, and assistant manager over the past ten years and has seen directly the impact they can have in their communities. She has been writing grants for her own professional projects and collaborations for this same amount of time.


BA – Hampshire College, MFA – the University of Iowa.


Making art, reading, writing, whale watching, being an aunty, and walking in the woods with my dogs.

Favorite book:

The BFG by Roald Dahl

Favorite Nonprofit Book, blog, or resource:

Fractured Atlas, a resource for creative individuals and groups who seek grants, mentorship, and other benefits.