Social Media Marketing is a Daily Commitment

Marketing your nonprofit can be a time consuming and difficult task, additionally traditional marketing methods can be expensive for a nonprofit budget, however there is another option!

Nonprofit social media marketing can raise awareness, build loyalty, increase credibility, impact reputation, inform audiences, address concerns, influence media interest and strengthen relationships with supporters. How can your messages be more effective and reach more people in the nonprofit social media network?

Here are 10 nonprofit marketing tips for social media

1. Follow the 70-20-10 rule:

nonprofit marketing70% of the time share content that adds value to the community as a whole
20% of the time engaging your immediate community with questions and advice
10% of the time self-promoting your cause

2. Strategize and set goals

3. Stick to a schedule. Set aside time to manage your social media, post at set times of the day and week

4. Create a content calendar; decide what your overall message is and when it will be most effective. Planning ahead is critical in nonprofit marketing strategies. Provide relevant content, only tweet and post messages that fit your cause. Engage with content that will attract and retain fans, followers and supporters.

5. Reach out to others in your community by commenting, sharing and re-tweeting, then ask them to do the same for yours

6. Use the nonprofit social platforms that most benefit your nonprofit organization, we recommend:

o   Facebook
o   LinkedIn
o   Twitter
o   YouTube
o   Website
o   Blog

7. Encourage your staff, volunteers, and supporters to join each and every one of your nonprofit social network. Reach out to influencers – start conversations with bloggers that support a similar cause to yours, see if they will include mention of your charity or your activities in their blog, and offer to do the same for them.  Exchange information, follow each other, and add them to your  network. ( Click here to read our article on 10 Essentials for a Successful, Well Represented Nonprofit LinkedIn Site)

nonprofit marketing, social media 8. Don’t forget donations from time to time at appropriate junctures, when others mention your good works, you may remind them of the need for donations and always provide a link to your donations page in your website

9. Use discussions and questions to learn more about your supporters, volunteers and donors – Remember, the more you know about your most supportive people the more they can help you to your goals and to build your nonprofit free social sites and in so doing move closer to engaging in your cause!

10. Get help – find a professional organization you can trust that can help you with social media marketing. If you have any questions on how to improve your nonprofit marketing,contact us today at 407-857-9002.


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