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Fundraising FAQ

Nonprofit consultants bring experience, expertise, and objectivity to nonprofit development programs and campaigns. A skilled professional offers recommendations to help improve your development program, encourages new ways of thinking that will help you get better results, and developed tools and materials that are easy for your staff and volunteers to implement.

We encourage you to begin with our free fundraising capacity assessment. This will give us the information necessary to make the best recommendation in regards to the most appropriate products and services to meet your need. Once a service package is selected, a short questionnaire will be sent and a telephone interview will be scheduled. During the interview your annual fundraising plans will be discussed, and you’ll receive details on the specific tools you’ve selected. Some services may require several follow-up contacts between the consultant and client to ensure that you have a full understanding of how the tools you’re provided can be most effectively utilized.

In most states, yes. With a few exceptions, most states allow nonprofits to register to begin solicitation without having received a 501(c)(3) determination. As long as you apply for your 501(c)(3) in a timely fashion, once the 501(c)(3) status is approved, all contributions received from the date of incorporation will be tax exempt and tax deductible.

While some extensive initiatives may take longer than normal to prepare and complete, most of the products and services we offer are completed within 10 to 15 business days.

We expect the client to be clear and upfront about the organization’s situation, objectives, and challenges. Candid feedback, open communication, and realistic expectations are also important. Our representatives will provide invaluable tools and resources, as well as information on how the tools are best implemented. We simply expect your full dedication to their implementation if you wish to experience the greatest return.

No. Our representatives will create tools for your use, and provide education on how to undertake various fundraising techniques. We do not directly raise funds for you or relieve key staff and volunteers of their fundraising responsibilities.

CharityNet USA is committed and fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read our updates and order status here.