Third Party Solutions

At CharityNet USA we strive to be a one-stop resource center for nonprofit organizations across the USA. In order to provide added value to our clients, we’ve created a list of third party solutions and partners who offer services that complement ours and can assist you while starting or growing your nonprofit.

legal resources


A good business lawyer will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business.

merchant account

Merchant Account

The CharityNet USA merchant account solution has among the lowest rates in the industry.



Barter is an excellent way to get the new clients you need to grow your business.


For-profit Resources

Through CharityNet USA’s for-profit division, BizCentral USA, we provide a variety of services to assist entrepreneurs in starting and growing a sustainable business.

business loan

Loan Assistance

CharityNet USA helps small businesses build credit in order to get business loans and other funding.organization.

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Our affordable pricing and years of experience make us the best choice when it comes to outsourcing your nonprofit needs

Jack Burkman

“I highly recommend the services of BizCentral USA & the professionalism in which their people responds to all my clients needs. They have served over 125 of my business clients in just one year! More to come! Thank You.”

Jack Burkman / DC Attorney / Burkman Associates LLC.

J. Dean Burden

“I would highly recommend the work of BizCentral USA, and the very professional way their people respond to the needs of the business seeking guidance and advice”

J. Dean Burden / CEO / Catalog Enterprises, Inc.

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