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Our Team

The Team behind CharityNet USA!

Our Team: The People Who Will Help You Build Your 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

Our mission at CharityNet USA is twofold: to help your 501c3 nonprofit organization get off the ground, and, once it finds its footing, to help it grow and enjoy lasting success and sustainability. We are one of the few companies to provide the full range of support services that a nonprofit will need over its lifetime. Our service offerings cover everything that a nonprofit needs to deal with, including:
  • Nonprofit Start-up: Getting your nonprofit off the ground doesn’t have to be so hard! Learn key skills, like how to obtain 501c3 Tax Exemption with the IRS and how to incorporate your nonprofit with your state.
  • Annual Compliance: Once your nonprofit is running, we can help you make sure it stays within its legal limits.
  • Bookkeeping: We help you manage and keep track of your nonprofit’s finances at an affordable rate.
  • Fundraising: It’s critical to keep your nonprofit properly funded. We provide resources for grant applications, corporate sponsorships, and more.
  • Web: Having an online presence is critical for your nonprofit’s success. We offer nonprofit-oriented web design, development, and optimization services.
  • Marketing: Get your nonprofit noticed with our marketing services, including graphic design, branding, and social media start-up.

Contact Us to Help Your Nonprofit Grow

With over 15 years of operation and more than 30,000 clients served, the CharityNet team has the broad experience and professional dedication to help your 501c3 nonprofit organization flourish. Call today to speak to a consultant who specializes in your type of organization.
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CharityNet USA is committed and fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read our updates and order status here.