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Make your nonprofit web design shine

If you have a nonprofit and you do not yet have an online presence or a nonprofit web design, you should definitely create one. Web development is one of the best and mononprofit web design charity website design web developmentst effective ways to raise awareness of your organization and your purpose. If your nonprofit organization already has created a website you will want to make sure that your website is designed well enough to help your organization. Many nonprofit organization’s websites are not as well designed as they need to be in order to generate awareness and funding. If your organization already has a website review these charity website design tips to improve your website and increase your web development training.

Social Media:

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and are an extremely powerful online resource. Incorporate appropriate widgets, chicklets, banners, and badges onto your site. Encourage video and photo sharing, link to your social network profiles, and make it easy for bloggers and social networkers to embed your videos and feature your banners on their web properties. This will attract new traffic sources, retain visitors, and build community around your organization.

Visitor’s Perspective:

Take a look at your organization’s website from a visitor’s perspective. If you were visiting your organization’s website for the first time would you clearly understand your organizations purpose? Is the website user friendly and easy to navigate?

Email sign-up:

Gathering email addresses is extremely important to nonprofit organizations. By creating an email newsletter you can compel people to give you their email address. You can build your list of people that have already shown interest in your cause.

Homepage Description:

Make sure that your description is accurate and descriptive. It is important to use the keywords and phrases people are likely to use searching for you or your cause.

Donate Now Button

By having a “donate now” button on your organizations website you will make it is easy as possible for visitors to donate to your organization.
Three Clicks:

On any website any content that your visitor wants should not be more than three clicks away. Website research indicates that you lose 40% of visitors with each click.

Search Function:

An efficient search function is important to any website. It is a user-friendly way to allow your visitors to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Back end analysis of your organizations website will tell you if users are finding what they need on your site.


Make sure that your organization’s blog is organized and updated frequently. Include content such as the latest news about your organization and your organizations purpose as a whole. Allow feedback and ratings of your blogs to let visitors post their comments. This will allow the visitors to feel like comments and opinions are adding content to your site. Blogs will also improve your websites’ Google ranking.

Hopefully this article will help you  with your nonprofit web development if you have not already created one. If your organization already has a charity website design, hopefully these tips will help you review your websites effectiveness to get you organization’s purpose across efficiently and solicit donations.

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