Discover How You Can Start Successfully Marketing Your Nonprofit To Bring In More Donations Without:

Getting In Over Your Head

Spending Too Much Time Planning

You don’t even have to know much about marketing to be successful with this course!

Learn the Exact Strategies Used by Other Successful Nonprofits to Boost Your Marketing Plan

What kind of stuff will I learn?

Excellent question! We have 4 Modules that will cover:

1. Getting started with face-to-face, website, and social media

2. How to build your Marketing Plan

3. Using donor psychology to boost your donation

4. Keys to a successful Direct Mail campaign

In this one-of-a-kind offer, you get:

- Four video modules that walk you through the ins and outs of each topic. Don’t worry, they’re about 15-20 minutes each so you won’t get overwhelmed.

- Slides for all four modules (Powerpoint)

- Guided notes to help make sure you take away the most important information


Social Media prompts to help boost your postings and social engagement


The Best Free Tools- We put together a list of our favorite free tools and how you can use them to be successful


Our favorite new marketing trends and how you can implement them into your marketing mix


Walkthrough document on verifying your nonprofit on Facebook for quicker donations


Know Your Donor: A quick intro to why you want to know your donor profiles, plus a free, printable worksheet to help you know who you’re targeting for donations when planning your marketing

Not only that, today you’ll also get your own downloadable copies of these 5 great tools that were designed just for nonprofits!

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The CharityNet USA Team

P.S. Don't forget - this is a four-part video course with printable workbooks so you can easily follow along and take notes. Nothing is left to chance, and all the secret nonprofit marketing of the pros are revealed inside, so grab your copy now and make your next event as spectacular as you know it can be