Marketing FAQ

Q. Why is marketing important to my nonprofit organization?

A: Marketing is one of the most important aspects of growing your organization and in seeking donations that will pay for it over and over again.

For many start ups these services are usually done by the owner/founder but while playing so many roles, when do they have time to manage marketing? Creating awareness is tough with so many organizations in the market similar to yours; having a good marketing strategy is important to help you stand out, and even more importantly network with potential donors.

Q. What type of marketing would be best for my organization?

A: There are over a hundred types of marketing and each organization has a different strategy based on target market and budget. We can help you tailor a marketing strategy that best fits these two criteria’s. We will start with a free marketing review, and identify the key marketing features and provide you with a list of ideas we believe will work.

Q. What does the free marketing review entail?

A: Our FREE, 24-point review of your internet marketing strategy includes an assessment of your website, inbound links, social media integration, content depth, analytics, mobile-readiness, and much, much more. From there, we can assess marketing weaknesses and how to implement it on your marketing plan.

Q. Why should my nonprofit organization have a marketing plan?

A: Having a marketing plan is the initial step in starting your nonprofit organization. A marketing plan will be a stepping stone in figuring out all the basics before you start. It’s a great way to start and stay organized, especially when you start dealing with cash donations. A marketing plan is a layout of everything you will need throughout starting your nonprofit, fundraising, collecting donations, and much more.

Q. What are the best ways to market/promote my special event?

A. There are a variety of ways you can market a special event. Some of these include: a press release, an email newsletter for your subscribers, social networking event announcements, postcards, flyers and more.

Q. How many social networking sites should my nonprofit organization use to start with?

A. While there are an ample amount of social media sites out there, it’s best to use as many as you possibly can. Social media is one of the best marketing tools out there nowadays in our digitally-oriented economy, therefore, it is even more effective than traditional word of mouth. Our packages of one, three and five social networking sites include set up and training.

Q. Why should my nonprofit have a blog?

A: There are many reasons why your nonprofit should have a blog. Some of the reasons include helping drive traffic to your website, connecting you with others interested in your cause, and building your reputation in the industry.

Blogs will increase your inbound marketing, helping you raise awareness organically to reach potential donors, volunteers, and much more.

Q. What is a press release and how can my nonprofit benefit from them?

A: A press release is an article that is news worthy, written and sent out to many different forms of newspapers and a variety of publications. Charitynet USA can do this all for you; we will write your press release, send it to thousands of journalists and bloggers, and publish it online to share to your audience. We are here to help!

Q. What can CharityNet USA do for our marketing?

A: We offer marketing packages to help get your organization off to the right start. We also offer many a la carte options for any specific area your organization may need help with. We are here to guide and help you with any questions you may have with marketing.

Q. Can CharityNet USA help me maintain my social media pages?

A: Yes, we can do weekly maintenance on all your social media pages. We can do anything from posting articles to uploading photo albums.

Q. Do you sell opt-in email lists with the email campaigns that you create?

A. No, we do not sell “opt-in” email lists. Sending any bulk email to a purchased “opt-in” list is guaranteed to get you in trouble for spamming. Since none of the addresses on the purchased list consented to receive bulk emails from you, it is technically never an “opt-in” list that you are purchasing.

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