Is Your Nonprofit Grant -ready?

Preparing your nonprofit for the grant process

Grant WritingIn the public and nonprofit sectors, foundation and government grants are a major source of operational revenue. For those working in an organization’s development department, knowing the steps involved, having eloquent writing skills-including exceptional spelling and grammar, and having the ability to follow directions are essential. Now, more than ever, it is important grant seekers be educated in the fundamentals of grant writing and research.

The process of grant writing is as follows:

Identifying Projects

Recognize unmet needs in the community that the applicant agency is positioned to meet. There should be a reasonable amount of research and data gathering in determining that it is indeed a need to be fulfilled. Now ask yourself, “Does your project match the mission of the applicant agency?” If the project is implemented, consider the following:

  • Who would do it?
  • Where would it be done?
  • Who would benefit from it?
  • What would the specific benefits be?

Developing the Idea

Developing a proposal idea requires knowledge of the foundation’s

  • Missions
  • Board Affiliations
  • Organizational and Administrative Structures
  • Current Services and Projects
  • Anticipated Results

Some of the information can be found online since foundations and corporate giving programs typically publish their funding missions.

Grant Proposal

When soliciting for nonprofit grants, you will need to create a proposal. The proposal will introduce your organization to the funding source, give them a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose, and give a description of your organization’s planned programs and specific objectives. It will also provide a clear outline of your organization’s purposed budget, your specific qualifications, and a conclusion wrapping up all of the information.

Always remember that proper spelling, grammar, and formatting are essential. Make sure you follow binding directions closely, recognize the competitive factor throughout the process, and prepare for rejection, follow-up, and restructuring. Hopefully this post has given you a better outlook on grants and funding. Before you move forward with grants, be sure your organization is prepared. Don’t go at it alone, though. CharityNet USA can assist.

Ready to move forward in funding?

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