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Nonprofit Education

How Marketing Strategies Can Help Grow Your Non-profit

Marketing Your Non Profit

Most nonprofit organizations view promotion and advertising as a luxury that they cannot afford. So they decide to pick a concept of marketing that they do not understand. Unfortunately, this usually results in ineffective promotion and poor results. You should assess your potential target market and the foundation’s goals and mission to determine a promotion strategy. Undertaking market research and developing a non-profit marketing strategy is essential to success. Such research should answer questions such as:

  • Who is will donate to your cause?
  • How do your potential donors’ habits and behavior play into their decisions?
  • How do you know they want what to help your mission and goals?
  • How much are they willing to donate?
  • Where (and how) will your donors want to contribute to your service or mission?
  • How many people are in the overall market you’re going after?
  • What media has the greatest impact on your target market?

Once you have completed quality market research, you’ll have a better idea of the specific marketing methods that will be best for your business. Rarely, one strategy is enough to fully accomplish multiple objectives. There are various types of marketing strategies for you to consider:

  • Grassroots Marketing- Consists of using resources you already have to spread the word about your product or service. For example, you can use social media to spread a campaign about goodwill and your cause.
  • Public Relations- Common activities include speaking at conferences, winning non-profit awards, working with the press and employee communications.
  • Affiliate Marketing- Involves hooking up with other businesses or organizations that share a similar target audience to yours. But you have to consider whether or not these organizations will stay true to your mission and goals.
  • Online Marketing- Creating a website can be made fairly simple by working with a company that specializes in helping small nonprofit organizations create their web presence. This can be the hardest marketing strategies for most nonprofits and their budgets.
  • Traditional Marketing- Includes billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, broadcast spots such as those on TV and radio, and even direct mail pieces.

If this seems like a lot to undertake, that’s okay. Experienced marketing professionals can assist you every step of the way, making your journey to success a smooth one. At CharityNet USA we understand how difficult it can be to market your organization at an affordable cost. We know that key is staying true to your organization’s mission while representing a promise that only you can deliver. We have many marketing services that can help and offer multiple payment plans to fit any low budget. By using our services, we cannot only help you achieve your goals but help you reach individuals that you would have not reached before.


For more information regarding how to market a non-profit, please visit our nonprofit marketing page, or contact us at 407-857-9002.