IRS Website Forms for Nonprofits

What are all these IRS website forms for nonprofits?

Form 990 Instructions Running a business means you have to deal with all types of report forms. Everyone is gathering their financial documents and preparing for their annual filing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), part of the US Department of Treasury. You will have forms coming from both your state’s government and the federal government.  Each government department will expect you to know what their forms are for. If you’re running a tax-exempt organization, Form 990 should be in that mix. Here are some items you should know about Form 990 and other important government forms on the IRS website.

IRS Website Forms

  • Form 1023- filed to apply for 501(c) (3) status with the IRS
  • Form 1024- filed to apply for tax exemption under other sections of 501(c)
  • Form 8718- payment coupon filed with Form 1024 to report the amount being paid
  • Forms 990N, 990 EZ, and 990– annual information return forms submitted by tax exempt organizations to report income, expenses, and activities
  • Form 8868- Request for Extension of Time to File a Form 990N, 990EZ, or 990
  • Form 940- filed annually to report and pay employer’s federal unemployment tax
  • Form 941- filed quarterly to report employment taxes (income tax, Medicare, Social Security, etc.) withheld from employees and the employer’s portion of employment of those taxes
  • Form W-4- completed by employees so the correct tax amounts are withheld from their paychecks
  • Form W-2- distributed to employees each year to report their income and taxes withheld
  • Form W-3- filed annually with IRS to report income paid to employees and their employment taxes
  • Form 1099MISC- distributed to individuals who are independent contractors to report their income
  • Form 8829- reports the expenses for using portions of your home for business use
  • Form 4562- filed to report depreciation and amortization on property and equipment
  • Form 4797- filed to report the sale of business property during the year
  • Form 4868- filed to receive an automatic extension of time to file tax documents but not to pay taxes
  • Form 2848- filed to give an attorney, CPA, or EA power of attorney or to act as your representative
  • Form 4506- filed to request a copy of your tax returns
  • Form 8822- filed with the IRS to change the address on file with them

For most organizations, Form 990 is due to the IRS Department of Treasury by May 15th! 

Throughout the course of running a business you will encounter many different types of forms from both federal and state agencies. State forms will vary with each state that the organization operates within. It is very important that the forms being used are current, as filing the wrong form could have consequences for you and the organization.  The Department of Treasury Internal Revenue forms will change with time, but typically remain about the same with slight changes in reporting rules, deduction limits, and percentages.  Hopefully this list will help you demystify what the forms are and why you need them.

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