Stand out from the crowd with your Graphic Design Branding.

Sitting in the stands cheering we have watched athletes race down the field toward the goal post decked out in pink. Many of these athletes, teams, coaches and fans have started to show their support for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation during their athletic seasons. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has reinvented the month of October changing its focus from orange and black to everything pink. By taking what used to be just a favorite color among women and turning it into a billion dollar brand that saved countless lives, the foundation has forever changed the meaning of Pink. As traditional forms of advertising decline, design and presentation is now the most powerful message consumers receive.

When hearing the name Mcdonald’s, the golden arches immediately comes to mind. When thinking about this and other companies and Nonprofits such as Wal-Mart, Coke cola, Pepsi, Red ‘Cross, YMCA, we can immediately form an image of their logos in our mind. These graphic designs are the “face” of these organizations. Designing your brand is the most vital part of the marketing strategy in your new organization. The choice of colors of the logo, symbol, or even character are what will make your organization stick out among the 1.5 million others that exist in the nation can be stressful and challenging. Keep in mind that your selection will be the first thing people visualize when they think of your organization, why not make it great!

No matter how big or small your organization is, your identity is crucial.

When creating your brand there are a few key points everyone should consider.

nonprofit marketing strategies: relationship marketing -1.       Consider your brand as a person.

Remember, this is the face of your nonprofit. Don’t forget about its personality and everything your organization believes in, wants to become, and the values. Think of ways your brand will connect with people and touch people.

2.       Think long-term.

When dealing with nonprofits, people want trust. Build your brand behind your values and reflect them in your image. This will keep your branding and your organization strong in the long-run.

3.       Be bold.

Create something people will remember. Take a chance on something different. Go the extra mile to make people really interested.

4.       First and Foremost

Creating an image should be the first thing you should think about. After you come up with a logo you can wrap your values, traditions, and beliefs around the concept of your brand.

5.       Be aware of the future of Branding.

company giving - nonprofitIt is everything to an organization. Let people see your logo but dig a little deeper to find out what your  identity is. People want to see the personality and heart that’s driving your organization.

Graphic design is critical for any startup, existing, or established organization. It’s more than just your logo; it is your identity. It is the emotional response you want to evoke from your audience.  People will start to not only recognize it but have a heartfelt feeling towards it. Seeing those athletes wear pink gives you a warm feeling that they are playing their hearts out for someone close to them. It’s their way of dedicating their performance to someone they care about. This is something a spectator knows without even asking.

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