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Finding a fundraiser best for your non profit

FundraiserMany new nonprofit organizations go through the battle of whether or not they should participate in fund raising. Fund raising can be a wonderful tool in a nonprofit organization. Fundraising can be an ideal way to raise funds because people feel as if they are getting “something” (whether it be cookies, a car wash, a snack, t-shirt, etc.) Fundraising is just the ticket because both parties feel as if they are benefiting from the arrangement.

There are a few simple rules when it comes to fundraising for an organization. The first rule is to keep your fundraising ideas REALISTIC! Plan an event that fits the current funds which the organization has. Work within your means. The second rule and what I believe to be the most important of nonprofit fundraising is to have someone who is completely dedicated to the success of the fundraiser. Does this mean you need to hire a professional fundraiser? Not necessarily. It is entirely possible to put together a simple event without the assistance of a professional fundraiser. However, you do need to have someone dedicated to the success of the fundraiser whether this person is a board member, a volunteer of the organization or a hired fundraising consultant.

The third rule of fundraising is to set a goal this will help clarify the purpose of your fundraisers and will assist you in realizing how many items you need to sell to reach your goal. The fourth rule of fundraising is to market! I cannot stress this rule enough because your event could be one of the best fundraising ideas ever conceived, but if no one knows about your event how are they going to attend. These days marketing costs can sky rocket your expenses; however, there are ways to keep these costs down as well. First and foremost, utilize social media tools. These sites are free and millions of people use these on a daily basis. Another marketing tip is to create a flyer to hand out to the local area. These do not have to be fancy color printed flyers. Do not forget to tell people that you are going to be conducting a fundraiser – word of mouth can help your marketing efforts exponentially.

The truth is fundraising can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Take a typical dinner event, whether it is a spaghetti dinner or a chicken barbeque. Most often you can get food donated by local area grocery stores and supermarkets. Often you can get items such as plates, cups, napkins, silverware, etc. donated for the actual event. As for a facility, usually most towns have a local community center, park, or even a church which will let you utilize their facility for free or for a small donation. In many cases, hiring a professional fundraiser or a fundraising consultant can be beneficial.  Typically, a fundraising consultant will already have key contacts at many vendors since nonprofit fundraising is their full-time job.

Honestly, the biggest fundraising tip or rule that I can give you is to ask for donations when conducting your individual fundraisers. What is the worse that could happen to you? They say “no”. Many organizations like to give to causes but do not have the financial means; however, they are able to give in-kind donations or items which you can utilize to conduct your event. The long and short of it is fund raising can be very rewarding for any nonprofit organization as long as you and the organization you are representing are willing to put some effort into it.

Ready to move forward in your fund raising?

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