A Cure In Sight

M_KlingMy name is Melody Burchett Kling and I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma inDecember 21, 2010.  I went in for a routine eye exam and mentioned a shadow I had in the upper corner of my left eye. The eye Doctor dilated my eyes and found a mass that turned out to be ocular melanoma. I had a medium sized tumor that was 11mm x 14mm x 5mm in size.  I was treated at University of North Carolina with Plaque Radiation to kill my tumor.  I am one of the lucky ones and currently metastasis free.

At the time of my diagnosis I did not have health insurance. It was not because I didn’t want health insurance or that I was too cheap to pay for it.  I was uninsured because of the insurance system. I had a previous cancer diagnosis and lost my insurance.  I was unable to get insurance with a premium less than $1200 a month and a cancer rider attached. I was 4 years out from my previous cancer diagnosis and I was hopeful that I would soon be eligible for reasonable health insurance. That didn’t happen and I was faced with over $50,000 in medical bills and no way to pay them. I was fortunate that there was a program for catastrophic illnesses at UNC. With their help I was able to get the treatment that I need and not have to file bankruptcy.  I was lucky.  So many people are not so lucky.

With a cancer diagnosis there is all to often a financial crisis. I started A Cure In Sight™ to give back.  To help those who have nowhere else to turn to. To help those who can not afford to fight their disease.  To help those who can not afford the drugs to save their life. To help those who can not afford to get to a clinical trial to receive a hopeful treatment. To give a person hope of living a little longer and maybe living until there is a cure for Ocular melanoma. I hope to allow someone to have “A Cure In Sight™” and to be able to afford to receive that cure.

~ Melody Burchett Kling, Founder and President of A Cure In Sight

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