Champion of Choices

Champion of Choices is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that empowers youth to make positive choices. It has become a highly requested anti-bullying school program throughout the nation. Marc Mero and Team are making a difference in thousands of students’ lives and are experiencing a powerful reaction. Marc appeared on CNN Headline News, and is featured in FINE Success Magazine and numerous radio and TV interviews.

Champion of Choices provides a motivational learning experience for youth that touches students’ hearts. The program helps young people realize the importance of choices, improves school cultures, and strengthens communities. Audiences describe the “Choices” production as “Life-Changing!”

Founder Marc Mero is a former professional wrestler that has overcome numerous obstacles in his life. Today, Marc Mero selflessly gives his time to impact young lives with amazing results.

BizCentral USA & Our nonprofit division CharityNet USA has worked with over 15,000 thousand nonprofits all over the United States. We love to hear success stories and feel proud to have played a role in the development and growth of this unique nonprofit organization.

“BizCentral USA helped provide the tools for Champion of Choices to approach Grant Funding. Not only did they come up with grant materials, but they researched and pinpointed which grants they felt were a good fit for our organization. Staff members were professional and very easy to work with. We were grateful for their expertise and their passion to help us make a difference!”

~ Marc Mero, Founder and President of Champion of Choices

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