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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting and maintaining a nonprofit charity organization isn’t simple, but at CharityNet USA, we can help ease the process. Read some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Starting a nonprofit organization is a huge undertaking that demands advanced planning and extensive thought. You’ll want to obtain legal nonprofit corporation status to enjoy the liability protections and tax advantages it provides. This way, your charity organization can maintain its financial stability while furthering its cause. You’ll want to consider common nonprofit startup costs before you begin the process to make sure you’re taking all overhead into account. You will also need to choose a board of directors and deciding to establish the organization, a resolution that must be articulated in writing.

Every application and situation is unique. Let our experienced experts at CharityNet USA help you with the nonprofit startup process.

If you’re passionate about supporting a particular initiative or cause, it’s important to move forward with the incorporation of your organization. Even as you develop programs and determine board members for your nonprofit, it’s highly beneficial to incorporate it with your state.

Document preparation and filing for incorporation can be complex, but with the right experts at CharityNet USA, we can assist you with this process and guarantee approval.

To ensure that your nonprofit organization receives donations, you have to file a complete Form 1023 and meet the requirements of a nonprofit entity so you can achieve 501c3 status. This form outlines all information that could be summed up as your business plan, proposed purpose, and nonprofit programs. For some small nonprofits, there is a shorter and more streamlined filing option: Form 1023-EZ.

At CharityNet USA, we can help you gain an active 501c3 exempt status with the IRS.

IRS 501c3 approval takes between one and 12 months, including any potential written follow-up questions regarding your nonprofit organization. This time is critical to plan for so that your nonprofit cause and formational details can be reviewed by an agent.

When starting a nonprofit, you’ll need to pay either $275 or $600 to the IRS for a 501c3 status application. There are other nonprofit startup costs and federal and state fees that you must keep in mind. Check with your state or federal nonprofit office, as these costs vary. Contact us to find out more about our affordable plans and the costs involved in starting a charity organization.

There is a lot that goes into making a nonprofit organization successful. Once you’ve gained 501c3 status, you have to think ahead by thinking of smart growth and business development options. To achieve this, you need to think of different strategies:

At CharityNet USA, we can help you grow your nonprofit and achieve success through smart business planning and development after the initial nonprofit startup costs are out of the way.

Yes, there are compliance requirements you must meet. One of the most important is filing Form 990 for nonprofits. While you’re a 501c3 tax-exempt entity, the IRS still requires you to prepare and submit your financial documents for every fiscal year. This is the law, and it plays a huge role in providing donors an outlook of how you’re running and managing your nonprofit.

At CharityNet USA, we can help you with Form 990 preparation and filing and other compliance requirements at an affordable fee.

With 15 years of experience and over 30,000 customers served nationwide, we have what it takes to help your nonprofit charity organization grow. Contact us now at 877-857-9002.