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COVID-19 Grant Raffle

As our country and globe continue to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 on our lives, communities, and economy, we feel we must do our part to serve those supporting relief efforts. CharityNet USA is here to help those seeking to start nonprofits to provide support and relief to those impacted by COVID-19. All nonprofits formed between April 1st and June 30th to fight the impacts of COVID-19 using CharityNet USA services will be included in a raffle to receive a $1500 grant by our foundation BryteBridge Cares, along with and grant writing services to seek additional grant opportunities. Your organization will also be eligible for a 15% discount on future services!

To qualify for the grant raffle, your mission and program initiatives must include support and relief efforts relating to COVID-19; whether it is by providing meals to first responders, getting quality masks to those that need it most, or supporting individuals facing hardship due to unemployment or furlough. We will draw 3 winners for 2 different levels of prizes. 1st – $1500 from BryteBridge Cares & grant writing services, 2nd & 3rd – grant writing services.

If you have a project or community program focused on COVID-19 support and would like to start a non-profit we invite you to call us to begin the process toward receiving 501(c)3 status.