Corporate Sponsorship: How to Get Sponsored

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Building a sponsorship proposal for a nonprofit

Sponsorship ProposalSo you have obtained your 501(c)(3), now what?  Many organizations are having a hard time figuring out where to go next and get the funding they need to grow their nonprofit. Today, most nonprofit organizations in America struggle in growing or sustaining their operations. Therefore, building your organization’s capacity is essential to its ability to survive. The best way to begin seeking funding for your nonprofit would be through rendering a sponsorship proposal. This can be beneficial for both you and the sponsoring company and fostered in something as simple as a sponsorship letter or donation request letter.

There are many benefits in creating a corporate sponsorship program including generating funding for marketing, creating awareness for your brand, and obtaining donations and grants. This is a great starting point for nonprofits to get funding for their basics to start up their new nonprofit organization.

How to get sponsored?

Corporate Sponsorship can help your nonprofit flourish into anything you want it to be. It can kick-start your project into high gear and get you off the ground. It will assist your nonprofit in laying a solid foundation for future growth and sustainability. These sponsorships could help you make a website, social media pages, marketing tools, and many more ideas to help get the most out of your new nonprofit.

Develop a strong proposal in order to attract corporate sponsorship. While doing your research, keep these things in mind:

1. Identify your demographic.

Know the people you are after and what your target market should be.

2. Develop a strong marketing strategy.

Know exactly what your going to do, say and even show them to get them on board with you.

3. Have a strong proposal.

Don’t even bother asking without a proposal. They personally need to see a proposal to know all the facts.

4. Know your proposal inside and out.

Show them you have done your homework.

5. Show great benefits in becoming a sponsor.

Give them numbers, pictures anything that can help visually show them this is a great sponsorship that will help their company as well as yours.

6. Follow up.

Make sure they know that a day, week, or month down the road you are always interested in doing business with them.

Don’t be shy when trying to captivate corporate sponsorship, many companies will jump at the opportunity to work with you. Keep in mind this is a win-win. The corporation will gain recognition and the benefits could be endless, while the nonprofit gains donations and a startup for their new organization.

For more information on how to get event sponsors, please visit our Corporate Sponsorship page or Contact Us at 407-857-9002

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