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Helping you, help others.

Since our founding, CharityNet USA, we have demonstrated the philanthropic spirit by supporting the efforts of a variety of nonprofit organizations. We feel that giving back to the community, through sharing of time, talents, and treasures, is the responsibility of all good corporate citizens. Below is a list of organizations who collectively received over $75,000 in donations, this amount does not include pro bono work, contest, volunteer hours, or individual donations.

  • Angel Aid Foundation
  • BaseCamp Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Bridges of Light Foundation
  • Camino De Salvacion INC
  • Comunidad de Fe
  • Eagle Rock
  • Farragut Lions Club
  • First Baptist Church Winderemere
  • Foothill Family Shelter, Inc.
  • Gospel Crusade
  • Helpnet USA
  • Hogar Mis Primeros Pasos
  • Hope Community Center
  • Iniciativa Comunitaria
  • Z 88.3 FM
  • Junior League of Chattanooga
  • Korean Presbyterian Church
  • Mission Harvest America
  • One Heart for Women & Children
  • Orange County Athletics OCA
  • Ordinary Hero Foundation
  • Parroquia Garabandal
  • Partners for Christian Radio
  • St. John Vianney Catholic Church
  • Tabernacle Baptist Children Home and Church
  • The Christian Center
  • Today Ministries
  • United Services Organization (USO)
  • Vinesong Ministries USA
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