Helping you, help others.

Since our founding, BizCentral USA and its subsidiaries, CharityNet USA and ChurchNet USA, have demonstrated the philanthropic spirit by supporting the efforts of a variety of nonprofit organizations. We feel that giving back to the community, through sharing of time, talents, and treasures, is the responsibility of all good corporate citizens. Below is a list of organizations who collectively recieved over $75,000 in donations, this amount does not include pro bono work, contest, volunteer hours, or individual donations.

Angel Aid Foundation
BaseCamp Children’s Cancer Foundation
Bridges of Light Foundation
Camino De Salvacion INC
Comunidad de Fe
Eagle Rock
Farragut Lions Club
First Baptist Church Winderemere
Foothill Family Shelter, Inc.
Gospel Crusade
Helpnet USA
Hogar Mis Primeros Pasos
Hope Community Center
Iniciativa Comunitaria
Z 88.3 FM

Junior League of Chattanooga
Korean Presbyterian Church
Mission Harvest America
One Heart for Women & Children
Orange County Athletics OCA
Ordinary Hero Foundation
Parroquia Garabandal
Partners for Christian Radio
St. John Vianney Catholic Church
Tabernacle Baptist Children Home and Church
The Christian Center
Today Ministries
United Services Organiztion (USO)
Vinesong Ministries USA