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Charity Charge

The only business credit card designed for nonprofits!

Charitynet USA Is Pleased To Introduce our Partner Charity Charge, the first and only no fee, no personal guarantee business credit card designed specifically for nonprofit expenses.

Key features include

If your Nonprofit is not already up and running, an alternate solution is the Charity Charge personal credit card and once your Nononprofit is 501c3 certified with the help of Charitynet USA, you can direct the 1% cashback to your Nonprofit.

More About Charity Charge

Charity Charge is the first and only no fee, no personal guarantee business credit card designed specifically for nonprofit expenses.  This is a no-brainer If you’re using a debit card or have a business credit card that is requiring you or someone at your organization to be the personal guarantor.  The Charity Charge card comes with 24×7 customer service and your nonprofit will earn automatic cash back donations on every dollar spent.

Charity Charge has been featured across multiple outlets including the Today Show, Bank Rate, and Fast Company.  Charity Charge works with nonprofits, schools, and associations nationally. See here for some testimonials.

If you would like to open an account for your nonprofit, it’s easy and straightforward as Charity Charge simply needs your last two years of 990’s and they will send you a pre-filled application for signature.

If you are behind in your 990s, CharityNet USA can help get you caught up, to help you your Nonprofit Qualify for this special card that gives back to your unique cause.

*Charitynet USA and Charity Charge are not affiliated companies.

* Charitynet USA does not receive compensation for introducing Charity Charge to its customers.