Free Website Promotion…Why Not?

Can you ever avail of free website promotion? Is that even feasible? Of course yes! Nowadays, your baby website can amass huge traffic in no time thanks to free website promotion. How does this free website promotion go anyway? What are things to be done? Enlist your website. Look for the hottest Internet directories and […]

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The Power of Nonprofit Email Marketing

Though internet and email have revolutionized the conventional business building techniques, it is surprising that many nonprofit organizations do not make use of this powerful marketing tool to collect email addresses and to make a database of their members, patrons, and activists.   Most nonprofit organizations still communicate with their members using the conventional means […]

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What Good Is an Opt-In List? 5 Reasons

What good is an opt-in list? That seems like a crazy question on the surface because you know that an opt-in list is necessary if you’re marketing anything online. You’ve heard the stories from big-time marketers who say all they do is send out an email to their list and each email makes them $xxx. […]

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Nonprofit Website Content and How It Can Help You

Charitynet nonprofit website content

Still building your website? Check out Website Development For Nonprofits first! In today’s world, social networks are becoming the ultimate means of communication. There is a new and better version every day. In my opinion, being useful to your customer is the ultimate goal. Creating content that is informative is one way of being useful. […]

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Nonprofit Marketing in 4 Easy Steps

Charitynet nonprofit fundraising marketing

Marketing isn’t just something businesses do, nonprofit’s will fail if they don’t have a plan they can execute.  Letting your people know that your organization exists and giving them a clear understanding of your cause is just as important to a nonprofit organization as it is for a for-profit business. That is why marketing is […]

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3 Steps to Reach Your Giving Tuesday Goal

Charitynet Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is one day dedicated to nationwide participation in donating money, resources, and volunteer time to nonprofit organizations nationwide. Giving Tuesday Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday: they’re all about savings, sales, and business. In 2012 Giving Tuesday started as a way to remind people to do more for others than simply buy, […]

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Marketing For a Nonprofit Organization

Charitynet Marketing for Nonprofit

Marketing is a must for your nonprofit organization It is important to understand that marketing is more than just making a sale or obtaining a donation.Marketing is also a way for your nonprofit organization to create an image that relates to your audience. Next, develop a web site. Consumers nowadays go to the internet for […]

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Low-Cost Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Low-Cost Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” Will your organization rise to the top or will it buckle under the pressure of an unstable economy?  Most likely, you would prefer the former, but in order to “get going” it’s imperative that an organization utilize marketing tips that […]

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Marketing Tips for your Nonprofit Organization’s Success

Finding a marketing service company best for your nonprofit Strong branding is necessary for startups, nonprofits, churches and everything in between!  As a nonprofit organization you should know how important marketing service company is to the success of your organization. The number of nonprofits has skyrocketed tremendously; according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics more […]

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