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Rebranding Symbols, logos, colors and graphics are an important part of the nonprofit branding process. Brands are living things. They communicate, act and react. Create experiences. Build relationships. But how will your nonprofit branding do these things? What will define your style and expression? How will your people engage? How will you relate to people of influence? Will you build distinctive qualities in your work, reflecting who you are and what you believe?

In a world where everyone wants to stand out, style is power. Style elevates you, sets you apart, command attention and respect, helps people find themselves in you. Style does all these things. If you doubt your brand positioning, here are some items to consider towards rebranding your organization.

Brand positioning for successful nonprofits 

One of the vital things that are required of nonprofits to achieve long term success is proper branding and rebranding. What many nonprofits fail to see is that branding is actually managing the feelings and the thoughts of your audience so that you can be sure that your vision is what they desire and relate that to a look and feel that represents your mission. Today, branding is not just for large and multinational organizations. Moreover, nonprofits cannot survive by brochures alone. With the advent of the internet, no one can know for sure you aren’t a major player if your branding is properly in place. Take a look at these tips for getting your branding project underway:

Let our Graphic Design Services create a logo for your nonprofit

Just as your Form 990 is a fiscal snapshot of your nonprofit, your logo is the symbol of your nonprofit. It is the center of your branding effort, but it is not your branding. Your logo should represent the image you are trying to present as an organization; color, shape and design are all factors. If you have a logo, it can be modified. However once you decide on the color, shape and graphics involved, a color and graphics package should be designed around it. A branding book can help you when going to a printer or even a web designer. This lays out the rules for color, shape and other considerations.

Rebrand starting with your website branding

It is important to understand that having a website is not enough today. With the assistance of a web-savvy marketing manager or someone of web development expertise, you need to create a professional website that will reflect your organizations branding image, both graphically and in terms of color and temperament. If someone recommends your ministry in today’s market, the internet is certainly the first place where your possible audience will look for you. That is why you need to update your site on a regular basis. People are looking for connections and websites that are active and engaging. They want to connect to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and see a video.

Network with fully branded social media

Connect with people online and offline. When you meet your potential audience in person you give them a card or brochure, right? When you meet through social media you must have your site as branded as your business card, and you must have links to your branded website and blog, just the same. Your social media sites, your email, and your website/blog are you business card and brochure on the internet, take as much care in branding them as you do your printed material! Most often, these items are maintained by a marketing manager – such as CharityNet USA – that has expertise in post frequency and social media messaging. If you feel that you or your volunteer staff is capable, contact a professional before moving forward in ineffective social media marketing. Accordingly, you can note the usual marketing manager responsibilities and move forward within your organization independent from a professional.

Rebranding for feeling

When dealing with a nonprofit you want branding that will stand out to people and give them the same feeling you had when you started your organization. People will donate if they feel a connection to your organization or like the idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Having good branding is a way to show people in a creative way what you’re trying to accomplish.

Pick you niche

Now this is a fact – you cannot be everything for everybody. If you are trying to please everybody, there is a very real possibility that you are attracting fewer customers than you actually can. You cannot be an expert in everything.  Choose a specific niche that you want to focus on and stand for one single thing. Choose one branding identity that clearly identifies that mission.

Nonprofit branding is about how people see you and your organization. If you’re current brand image is not what you’d like it to be, or if it is not carried consistently across all platforms of your organization, you need to find out how to fix it and move on. Whether you are just starting your organization or you have been in existence for some time, there are ways to make your branding attractive for your audience.

Ready to get started on your rebranding process?

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