Donors are earned: 9 Secrets of Donor Lead Generation

Donors are critical for any nonprofit organization. In this post we will discuss donor lead generation ideas that can benefit your nonprofit. 9 lead generation tips  1) Have a Clear Campaign Objectives – As with any marketing activities, nonprofit organizations should first develop a clear objective for their donor lead generation campaign. This gives the campaign […]

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21 Super Nonprofit Marketing Tips!

Today we will discuss 21 nonprofit marketing tips every organization needs Let’s start with an old adage: the most important donation you ever get from a donor is the second donation. Do not forget to market to your base as well as new prospects. With Internet marketing, spend 10 percent of your time or more on testing; […]

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Mission Based Marketing: An Essential for Charities

When consulting nonprofit administrators and talking about  Mission Based Marketing, I have found that many individuals involved in non profit operations, especially those in small grassroots organizations, carry the belief that their organization is not a business. I suppose the term “business” lends a for-profit connotation, and makes many non profit leaders feel that it violates […]

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