Nonprofit Does Not Mean Tax Exempt

Understanding the steps to 501(c)(3) A common misconception in the field of philanthropy is the notion that an organization is exempt from paying taxes simply due to the fact that it has been organized as a nonprofit. Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, this particular misunderstanding could leave an organization facing tax debt with both the IRS […]

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4 Must-Know Items for Nonprofit Startup

Helping you establish a nonprofit Being a business executive is difficult, but starting a new business can be so overwhelming that you lose interest altogether. You bog yourself down with the business name and startup costs to the point that you allow the core of your business to be overlooked. Many individuals interested in nonprofit […]

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Non Profit Orgs Don’t Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan

Strategy for long-term success You’ve heard it before, strategy is important because it’s a roadmap for your organization to align their goals in the right direction. But why is it REALLY important? A nonprofit without a strategic plan is like a teacher without a curriculum, a sports team without a game plan, a business without a business […]

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