Foundation Grant Funding

Getting Donors to Notice You for Grant Funding Although there are over 60,000 foundations and countless corporations and individuals ready and willing to contribute to every cause, there is today tremendous competition for winning grants. The growth of the nonprofit sector is a major cause of this intense grant competition. Now, more than ever, it […]

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Ideas to Help With Donors & Funding While You Wait for Your Grant

Attracting donors while awaiting grant funding If you’ve been reading our blogs about grants you should know by now what a grant writing proposal contains, why it’s so important for your organization, and how to make sure your organization is ready for grants. We have mention before the cruel reality there are 1.5 million nonprofit […]

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How to Find and Apply for a Nonprofit Grants Successfully

Utilizing grants to build your nonprofit funding You and your board know that the two new programs that you want to provide require more money in the budget than can be produced from donors. You have heard about Nonprofit Grants, but you’re a new nonprofit that has never gone after grant money before. It’s an untapped resource […]

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