Want More Visitors? Use Social Media to Drive Visitors Home!

Why do Nonprofit Organizations Fail? 1) Not enough people know they exist, little or no Social Media to Drive Visitors Home ? 2)   They did not do enough to get the word out 3)   Did not work hard enough for brand recognition 4)   Did not remind the customer daily through social media why the nonprofit matters A successful nonprofit must have […]

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Mission Based Marketing: An Essential for Charities

When consulting nonprofit administrators and talking about  Mission Based Marketing, I have found that many individuals involved in non profit operations, especially those in small grassroots organizations, carry the belief that their organization is not a business. I suppose the term “business” lends a for-profit connotation, and makes many non profit leaders feel that it violates […]

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Grant Funding Resources: Making Sure Your Nonprofit is Grant Ready

Getting your nonprofit ready for grant funding In today’s world of nonprofit grant funding, competition is stiff. Overall, available grant funding has greatly diminished and organizations must use every accessible resource to their advantage.  A grant writing service can assist you in obtaining grant funding and ultimately grant funding, but you must do everything in […]

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