Must Have Features Every Nonprofit Website Should Have

It is imperative to have a website for your nonprofit organization, and is an undeniable element for your organization to thrive in this competitive market. Your website is one of the strongest marketing tools available for you. Must Haves Every Web Design Should Include There are additional elements that can enhance and promote a better […]

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4 Goals of a Successful Brand for Your Nonprofit

A strong image and identity is necessary for start-ups, nonprofits, churches and everything in between! As a non-profit you should know how important an impressionable identity is to the success of your organization. The number of nonprofits has skyrocketed tremendously; according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, more than 1.5 million nonprofits are registered in […]

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Graphic Design for Attention: 10 tips

When you are ready to decide what graphic design for attention you like and what direction to go on your website and your digital branding, remember to follow the established look, logo and colors of your organization. If you are a new organization, or if you have never established a good, high-quality look, then you have […]

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