How to Find and Apply for a Nonprofit Grants Successfully

Utilizing grants to build your nonprofit funding You and your board know that the two new programs that you want to provide require more money in the budget than can be produced from donors. You have heard about Nonprofit Grants, but your as other new nonprofits have never gone after grant money before. It’s an untapped […]

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Locating Perspective Donors for Your Nonprofit

Strategy for engaging nonprofit donors Today, more than ever, organizations are seeking donors that aspire to supplement the diminishing income that they once received from parishioners and philanthropists. While this strategy is risky, if successful, it does create an opportunity to diversify their current income-base and enhance their programmatic activities. However, organizations must keep a […]

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Nonprofit Grants: Building Meaningful Relationships with Donors

Preparing your organization for a request for proposal One of the most important components that nonprofit organizations need to be aware of when submitting a request for proposal is how to develop a professional relationship with potential donors. There are several essential steps that nonprofit directors should consider when soliciting a nonprofit, federal or government […]

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