Four Helpful Hints to Grow Your Foundation

Tips for a successful foundation or nonprofit organization Congratulations! You have an amazing idea for making this world a better place. The good news is that starting a charity or foundation is not that hard to do if you have a plan, the right resources, and help from hard working employees and volunteers.  This can […]

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5 Social Media Time Management Tips for Nonprofits

Marketing in non profit organizations is not an easy task. As a nonprofit organization you are well aware that social media marketing is an inexpensive way to promote your mission, communicate with your current supporters and attract potential donors. Social networks allow you to engage with supporters, answer their questions, provide them with information about your […]

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Back to the Basics With Your 990 Tax Form

Annual tax compliance for nonprofits Thinking of starting a nonprofit? You already know that tax-exempt nonprofits do not pay federal taxes, but did you know they have to file an information 990 form with the IRS? Many companies are confused on what a 990 tax form is. It is an IRS tax form that tax-exempt nonprofit […]

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