Top Five Questions About Corporate Sponsorship

What is a corporate sponsorship? Corporate sponsors appear to be all over the place in today’s world. Take the World Cup, for instance. Hard to envision what the soccer field would look like without those pervasive Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony banners. It’s not just the big events that draw sponsors, however.  Local events like 10k runs, […]

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Why Newly Formed Nonprofit Organizations Should Develop A Company Sponsorship

Generate funding needed to grow and expand through business sponsorship After successfully obtaining their 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS, many nonprofit directors begin brainstorming a variety of fundraising activities. The majority of organizations will look to grant funders to meet their entire funding needs. The unfortunate reality is that the process for applying for […]

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Corporate Sponsorship: How to Get Sponsored

Building a sponsorship proposal for a nonprofit So you have obtained your 501(c)(3), now what?  Many organizations are having a hard time figuring out where to go next and get the funding they need to grow their nonprofit. Today, most nonprofit organizations in America struggle in growing or sustaining their operations. Therefore, building your organization’s capacity […]

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